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7 Winter Birthday Themes for Kids

Unleash Your Inner Snow Queen!

Are you a parent of a child with a winter birthday, and you're in search of the perfect theme for their special day? Look no further! We've got you covered with seven fantastic winter birthday themes that will make your child's celebration a frosty wonderland. And to make it even more fun and convenient for you, we've got just the solution – a Custom Party Box that will bring your chosen theme to life without the hassle.

You pick your theme and share your vision with us and we create it for you! Get the Pinterest look without all of the work! Shipping to all of the U.S.

Let's dive into the icy fun!

1. Frozen Wonderland ❄️

Channel your inner Snow Queen with a Frozen-themed birthday party. Let Elsa, Anna, and Olaf guide you through a magical winter wonderland. Your custom party box can include snowflake decorations, Elsa's tiara, and Frozen-themed treat bags. Just don't forget to play "Let It Go" on repeat!

2. Polar Bear Plunge 🐻

For the fearless and chilly party-goers, a polar bear plunge theme will make a splash. Deck out your party with polar bear decorations, serve hot cocoa with marshmallows, and offer cozy blankets to keep everyone warm. Who's up for a refreshing winter dip in the kiddie pool? Lol only kidding.

Source: Eat. Drink. Love

3. Arctic Adventures 🌊

Take a cue from the arctic explorers with an Arctic adventure-themed birthday party. Your custom party box can be filled with winter party hats, snowflake tableware, and penguin decorations. Plan an exciting treasure hunt and watch as the kids embark on a quest to find hidden treasures in the snow.

Source: Kara's Party Ideas

4. Winter Wonderland Ballerina 🩰

For those who dream of a winter wonderland fit for a ballerina, this theme is perfect. Your custom party box can include tutus, snowflake garlands, and glittery tiaras. Invite a ballet dancer to give the children a special performance, and have them twirl and dance their way through a snowy day. If you're a fan of the nutcracker, tie in decorations from the famous ballet.

Tip: Get our Tiny Dancer party box and add in snowflakes.

5. Superhero Snow Day ❄️💥

Celebrate your little hero with a Superhero Snow Day party. Provide capes, masks, and snowball fights for your little warriors. Your custom party box can come equipped with superhero party favors and snowy decorations. Watch out for the mini-superheroes saving the day!

6. Gingerbread Extravaganza 🍬

Bring out the sweet side of winter with a gingerbread-themed birthday party. Your custom party box can include gingerbread house decorating kits, gingerbread garlands, and candy cane decorations. Let the little ones' creativity run wild as they decorate their own gingerbread houses.

7. Ski Lodge Soiree ⛷️

For a cozy and fun winter birthday theme, consider a ski lodge soiree. Your custom party box can include ski resort decor, faux-fur throws, and s'mores kits for a fireside treat. Kids can have a blast with winter-themed games and activities, and you can even set up a makeshift ski slope for some snowy fun.

Source: One Stylish Party

With these seven winter birthday themes, your child's celebration will be a snowy sensation! Plus, with our custom party box, you can enjoy all the Pinterest-worthy decorations and activities without the hassle. So go ahead, pick your favorite theme and let the winter birthday festivities begin. Happy birthday, little snowflake! ❄️🎉


Emily and Becca

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Blissfully Boxed

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