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Capture the Moment: 5 Expert Tips for Photographing Parties with your iPhone

Capturing memories is easier than ever! Most of us have a camera at our fingertips thanks to smart phones. However, getting the best quality of a photo... it's not always the easiest.

We asked our friends at VSR Media, what are the top 5 tips for taking pictures at a party with your iPhone...

Train Birthday Party
Taken by VSR Media

1. Know your Venue: No matter if you are taking pictures with an iPhone, Polaroid or DSLR camera, knowing your location can drastically increase your chances of taking better looking photos. Don’t be surprised when you walk in. Get an understanding of the best spots!

2. Know your Lighting: Lighting is the single most important tip on this list. If you have proper lighting, you have everything you need to shoot professional looking photos. If the party is in a dark location, make sure to prepare for that and bring your own light source or at the very least test out flash on your phone to see how the photos will look.

        3. Know your Subjects: Why are you there? Are you shooting product photos? A wedding? A birthday party? Your subjects and environment will set the tone and mood for your photos. Understanding these factors will help you create memories that align with party atmosphere.

        4. Know your iPhone: While the iPhone camera app wouldn’t be my first choice for taking the photos, it’s best to shoot in manual mode whatever you decide to go with. That way you can control the ISO, shutter speed and other settings that fit your environment. Get to the party early so you can have time to figure out what those settings are to get the best results!

        5. Have Fun: This goes without saying. But if you are having fun taking photos, so will your subjects! Play around with angles, shoot wide and zoom in. Take more photos than you think you’ll need or want. That way when you go to edit, you’ll have lots of options.

Thank you VSR Media for the awesome tips! Want to leave capturing life's most special moments to a professional? Contact VSR Media today! They are a dream to work with (speaking from experience)!

Follow them on social media! @vsr_media

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