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Here Comes the Son Baby Shower

A new and trendy baby shower theme that you and your guests are sure to love is "Here Comes the Son". It is bright, fun, and gives you that warm feeling when you surround yourself in these beautiful colors.

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Here Comes the Son - Custom Party Box

This baby shower theme is a fun play on the beloved Beetles song, but with a twist to celebrate a baby boy on the way. We had the honor of creating this theme for our friend Jill, owner of Studio Soprano, with a Custom Party Box.

The vision of the party was to have lots of bright oranges and yellows with hints of blue but with a retro feel for a nod to the musical beginnings (doo n doo doo). So we added in adorable record player centerpieces, disco balls (because who doesn't love disco balls), daisies, and mushrooms!

Jill designed beautiful invitations and games to match the theme. Lucky for you, both are available in her Etsy shop. There are cute, groovy thank you cards to match the theme there too!

Our Custom Party Boxes come with a Balloon Garland Kit that Balloon Magic creates for us to guarantee that it perfectly matches the theme. Jill added in "Baby Mars" block boxes to make for the perfect backdrop at her baby shower. Still so in love with this setup!

Are you hosting a party? Let us take the stress out of party planning, so you can relish every moment of your special day. Whether it's a baby shower, birthday bash, or any occasion worth celebrating, trust us to bring your vision to life with our Custom Party Boxes. Your party journey begins here—let's make it unforgettable together!

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