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10 Tips for Hosting a Party at the Office

Hi Bliss Babe! So you've been tasked with hosting an office party. You're probably juggling work, personal life, and this new responsibility. Don't worry, I've been there too! I am here to help with10 tips for hosting a fabulous office party and the perfect party in a box so you'll have everything you need.

1. Be the Boss of Organization

Start by setting a clear date, budget, and guest list. I love using Google docs to organize who will be attending, food, and even collecting information from guests. Make it easy for your co-workers by sending the invite through the work email so it gets put right onto their calendar.

2. Choose the Right Theme

Think outside the box and consider themes that reflect your colleagues' interests and the occasion. If you're hosting a birthday party, our Best Birthday Ever party box is a great fit for anyone. If you want it personalized, we can create a Custom Party Box for you! Whether celebrating a birthday, retirement, an award, a holiday, baby shower, or bridal shower - we have you covered!

3. Consider Dietary Restrictions - Be Inclusive

In today's diverse workplace, it's crucial to accommodate various dietary preferences and restrictions. A simple Google forums or poll will help you determine if you'll need options for vegans, vegetarians, and those with allergies. A thoughtful approach to catering makes everyone feel welcome.

4. Energize the Crowd

Plan activities that encourage interaction and engagement. From team-building games to karaoke sessions, finding ways for colleagues to bond and let loose can make your party memorable.

5. Sip Smart: Keeping the Party Lively and Responsible

If alcohol is on the menu, set a responsible drinking policy. No one needs Larry from 3 cubicles down to end the office party by dancing on a table. Encourage moderation, offer non-alcoholic drink options, and arrange for safe transportation to ensure everyone gets home safely.

6. Playlists are everything

Music can really set the tone for a good party. Create a playlist ahead of time that will fit the crowd or if you have a mixed age group, throw a variety of genres into the mix.

7. Delegate Responsibilities

You don't have to do it all on your own. Delegate tasks to a planning committee or ask for volunteers. To really ease the stress of hosting a party, book a Custom Party Box and we'll handle the tableware, decorations and invite for you (we'll even make you a playlist).

8. Capture and Cherish the Moments

Don't forget to take some pictures! You can encourage co-workers to share their own snapshots in an email thread or shared office album. If it's a holiday party, you can hire a professional to come take group photos or do a photobooth.

9. Show Appreciation - Share the Love

Take a moment to show appreciation for your coworker. Recognize their achievements, present awards, or simply express gratitude for their contributions. A little acknowledgment goes a long way in creating a positive work environment.

10. Take a breath!

Putting together an office party can be stressful. Take a moment to breathe and step back to look at the awesome party you hosted! You are amazing Bliss Babe!


Emily - Owner of Blissfully Boxed

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