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6 Ways to Decorate with Balloons without Helium

Balloons have been around for almost 2 centuries and they have become a staple when celebrating some of life's most cherished moments. While it was always fun to use helium to blow-up balloons, in recent years, it's become too expensive to use. So I went digging to find 6 fun and creative ways you can still decorate with balloons BUT without helium. I have a fun tip at the end to spice up any balloon grouping decoration!

1. Balloon Arch

The current trend that everyone is in love with - balloon arches. There are so many different ways you can shape them and use color to really make a party pop (pun intended). Whether you are hiring someone to make it for you or crafting it yourself, make sure the balloons are professional grade so the balloons hold up!

2. Balloon Stand

If you're looking for something fun and easy, balloon stands are the way to go! You simply just blow up your balloons, slide them onto the stand clip and fill the stand with balloons. We like to add a cute mylar balloon to the top!

Gummy Bear Birthday
Custom Party Box - Gummy Bear

Pro-Tip: If you're not worried about storing these for later, super glue the pieces in to make sure everything stays in place.

3. Balloon Chandelier

A super unique way to decorate with balloons is making a balloon chandelier and hanging it from your ceiling. You'll need 5" balloons, a styrofoam ball, thick string, and pins. This is one that is on my list to create!

Source: The House that Lars Built

4. Balloon Table Runner

This is a newer trend that I've just starting see pop up. They are elegant, fun, beautiful, and the best part is you don't have to hang anything up! You will only need 9" or 5" balloons (keep them small). You'll create them the same way you would a balloon garland with only small balloons then lay it down the center of your table.

Source: Burton and BURTON

5. Balloon Bouquets

For this one, you'll want to use 9" or 5" balloons and get balloon sticks. Simply put them together and put them into a vase of your choice. If you're wanting to get a little crafting you can add paper decorations or draw on the balloons to match the them. You can make them into ice cream cones, strawberries, or add some netting to make it look like a hot air balloon.

Source: Oh Happy Day

6. Hanging Balloons

The classic - just balloons, some lung capacity, string, and tape. I've grouped them into quads before (photo below) to hang with string or you can hang a grouping of them on the ceiling.

FUN TIP: Like promised, your fun tip to spice up any balloon grouping... add greenery or flowers! We did this for our "Somebunny is One" Custom Party Box and it looked incredible. You can add flowers to most of the ideas above, and I promise, you won't regret it!

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