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Everything is Awesome - LEGO Party

LEGO is an iconic toy company that has been around for generations! Fun fact, they began in 1932!

They are bright, colorful, and come in all different shapes and sizes. LEGOs make for such a fun party theme and is really great for any kid 4 and up (even a teenager or adult that loved them as a kid).

The latest rage in the LEGO world is the new animated films. If you've seen the first one, the song "Everything is Awesome" probably got stuck in your head at some point. The story follows a construction worker named Emmet. To stay in theme with that, instead of traditional party hats, we went with construction hats for all the kids to wear. They were a HUGE hit!

What's better than a construction hat you can wear when you walk in? A LEGO character handing them out!

Since LEGOs are made to build whatever your imagination can dream up, there are a lot of unique opportunities to use them to "build" things for your party. In the picture below, you can see a fun silverware holder.

If you already have a lot of LEGOs, simply add baseplates to your shopping list. Add one to every table with a container of LEGOs and now you have a fun activity for all of the kids (and adults) sitting at each table. If you have a lot of littles that still like to put toys in their mouth, go with DUPLO pieces.

I think our favorite part of the party was the party favor bags, they were simple yet adorable. We all love the fun expressions on the LEGOs faces, so why not put them on yellow bags? Every kid got a different face on their bag with LEGO shaped candy inside, chocolate (of course), a LEGO coloring page with crayons, and a LEGO slap bracelet.

The LEGO shaped candy pieces were used for the cupcakes too as a nice little decoration piece. If you're going with cake instead of cupcakes, build on and around the cake where it looks like the LEGO pieces are constructing the cake!

Do you have a party coming up that you'd like us to create a custom party box for? Fill out the form on our Custom Party Box page. If you want to check out other parties that we have created, scroll down on the page to see the pictures.

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