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Going for a ride on the Birthday Tractor

When asked to take a custom box on a big green tractor ride, our answer will always be “YES!”

Custom party boxes are new to Blissfully Boxed and we are excited to offer them to our customers. Giving us the ability personalize any occasion just for you and your loved ones!

Personally, my favorite customization for this Tractor Birthday Party are those adorable milk bottles instead of the traditional paper cups! They also doubled as a party favor for the guests and made a perfect pair with the tin buckets!

Blissfully Boxed loves the little details that make your occasion what you want it to be. This mama came to us with with her little man’s love of tractors and after our one on one consultation we were able to not only create but also personalize the party! We hope to make your next celebration a blissful one!

(Photo from Anna B., host of the party)


Becca and Emily


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