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Party Tips for our Blissful Babes and Bros

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Planning a party is a lot of work and when life is already busy, it can feel overwhelming at times. While I'm sure some are Pinterest gurus that thrive on planning all the details of hosting a party, not all of us fall in that bucket.

So this blog post is for you, just a hardworking Queen (or King) who wants to throw a memorable celebration for your loved one. We got you!

Step 1: Creating a guest list

Knowing how many guests you're going to have is important and the perfect place to start. This number will help you figure out how much food you need, how much tableware you should have and what kind of space you need to throw a rad party. So just grab a piece of paper and write these three categories: Name, Phone Number, Address, and Attending (Y/N).

Even better, we went ahead and made a google doc for you. Just click here, and make a copy of the doc into your own files. Now you can privately edit your own info into the spreadsheet. If you have a engineer husband like me, he will be seriously impressed. ;)

Step 2: Picking a venue (or room in your house)

Before you go picking out decorations, you need to decide which rooms in your house you want to decorate and host people. Resist the urge to decorate every room in your house. Choose areas that will have good focal points like a dining, living or maybe a cute spot in your backyard. This is easier decided if you're hosting at a venue since you're typically limited to one spot.

Step 3: Feed them food and eat cake

When you've figured out how many people have RSVP'd yes, time to plan out your food. If meat is your main course with a couple of side dishes, plan on 1/2 lb of meat per person. If you're going with soup, plan on typically 1 1/2 cups per person. A personal favorite is pizza and you'll need to plan on about 3 slices per adult and about 2 slices per kid.

As you're thinking about the size of cake to go with, a 9" cake will give you about 18 servings. A 16" square cake will be close to 64 servings.

Step 4: Choosing the perfect party box

Last but definitely not least is picking a fun theme and choosing your favorite Blissfully Boxed party box! This cuts down on the stress of matching decorations and searching for all the tableware you need. Pick your favorite theme or create your own custom party box and we'll ship it straight to you! It'll arrive at your house and you'll just need to set it up. Done!

We hope this helped out those of you who don't find joy in planning or some new tips for those of you who do. Either way, we hope your party is memorable and fun!


Emily and Becca


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